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What does it all mean?

August 8, 2015 Articles, Back to basics, Tutorials
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Photo by Alan Tunnicliffe

Posted by Alan Tunnicliffe ● Aperture – A circle-shaped opening in a lens through which light passes to…

Photography Filters

June 30, 2015 Articles, Equipment, Tutorials
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Posted by Alan Tunnicliffe Filter Type Primary Use Common Subject Matter Linear & Circular Polarisers Reduce Glare Improve…

Macro Accessories

June 20, 2015 Articles, Macro, Tutorials
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Photo by Chris Hulme

Posted by Alan Tunnicliffe This article is not about how to take close ups, moreover it is about…


June 12, 2015 Articles, Equipment
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A phalanx of tripods by Neil Taylor

Posted by Alan Tunnicliffe A camera tripod can make a huge difference in the sharpness and overall quality…

My Fascination With Water Droplet Photography

May 10, 2014 Articles, Tutorials
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Posted by Clare Richardson Back in February, completely oblivious that I even had an un-awakened fascination with water…

Does My Bum Look Big In This?

April 20, 2014 Articles
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Posted by Glyn Wade When we go out now the first thing we do is hang a camera…

Lens Envy

April 10, 2014 Articles, Camera
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Posted by Glyn Wade ‘Look at the size of that!’ I exclaimed to Claire. ‘Why would he want…

A Photographic Christmas

December 19, 2013 Articles
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Posted by Glyn Wade Now I’m sure you have a huge list of photography equipment on your wishlist…

Nikon V Canon V the rest…..

October 26, 2013 Articles, Camera
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1st place by Rob Hartley - POTM May 2014. 2nd place POTY 2014

Posted by Glyn Wade So which is best? A difficult task to try and discuss particularly as they’re…

Zoomer Boomer

September 22, 2013 Articles, Camera
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Posted by Glyn Wade A few weeks ago some of us at the club did short segments on…