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Street Art of Stoke on Trent & Surrounding Area

November 23, 2019 Articles, Willfield Camera Club
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Members of Willfield Camera Club have begun an ongoing project to capture street art in our area. There’s…

Great Day

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Ok, so that might be a slightly misleading title… it was more like half a day! To be…

The Potters Arf for 73 in 73

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June 10th 2018 will long be remembered for two things. The first was that a big fiery ball…

Moving to Marychurch Centre

December 29, 2017 Articles, Willfield Camera Club
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Willfield Camera Club has moved! On a snowy and icy day in late December, hordes of Willfield Camera…

Willfield Camera Club has Tea with the Lord Mayor

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Willfield Camera Club members and the Lord Mayor

With decorum….well we started with it anyway…. Following our very successful photo campaign to take pictures for the…

Salford Quays Trip

February 26, 2017 Articles, Trips, Willfield Camera Club
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Twas a cold Winter’s eve as a few of headed up north tempted by the thought of standing…

Vikings at Willfield

February 26, 2017 Articles, Willfield Camera Club
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Photo by Andrew Nicholls

‘Roar!’ pretty much sums up the night and that is the one word that Claire had written. The…

Star Wars Night at Willfield

February 26, 2017 Articles, Willfield Camera Club
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Photo by Claire Wade

Two Stormtroopers, a Tusken raider and R2D2 visited Willfield on Sci-Fi night part 3. They said it couldn’t…

Fire at Beech Caves

February 26, 2017 Articles, Willfield Camera Club
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Photo by Nathan Slinn‎

Back in ‘the day’ Beech Caves were a venue for illegal raves and so became decorated with graffiti…

City of Sport

August 17, 2016 Articles, Willfield Camera Club
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Race For Life Mud Run

Willfield Camera Club has been asked to be the photographers for the Stoke-on-Trent City of Sport with a view…

Willfield & Costumes from Downton at the Potteries Museum

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Biddulph Grange

Following the success of our portrait photos alongside the Taylor Wessing Exhibition at the Potteries Museum in Hanley,…

Yorkshire Wildlife Park Trip

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Photo by Yvonne Brearley

Article by Glyn Wade Despite the best efforts of our driver and his company we made it to…

Portraits Night

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Photo by Stephen Davis

Posted by Glyn Wade As we are having an exhibition soon at the Potteries Museum as a tie…

Stoke Library Exhibition

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Posted by Glyn Wade We currently have our first exhibition for many a year on show. It’s on…


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Posted by Claire Wade At Willfield Camera Club, we are always proud when members are making a commercial…

The Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize and us

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A man and his owl

Posted by Glyn Wade We are absolutely delighted to have been asked to work with the Potteries Museum…

Winning Photo of the Month…. Or not!

October 23, 2015 Articles, Willfield Camera Club
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1st place by Rob Hartley - POTM April 2014

Posted by Claire Wade Believe it or not, but my photos used to get placed in the top…


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Photo by Rob Hulme

Posted by Glyn Wade Let no-one say we don’t do things differently at Willfield. Our latest studio night…

Group Shoot Formations

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The Ever Ready

Posted by Richard Amor Allan Recently Glyn wrote an article entitled ‘Stance‘, which gave budding snappers a valuable…


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The Flounder

Posted by Glyn Wade Okay, so you’ve mastered the rules of photography, you’re well up on aperture, shutter…