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Group Shoot Formations

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The Ever Ready

Posted by Richard Amor Allan Recently Glyn wrote an article entitled ‘Stance‘, which gave budding snappers a valuable…


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The Flounder

Posted by Glyn Wade Okay, so you’ve mastered the rules of photography, you’re well up on aperture, shutter…

Photography and Me

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Photo by Rob Hulme

Posted by Rob Hulme I took the usual route into photography, a small 110 35mm compact that was…

Why Willfield?

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Posted by Glyn Wade Claire and I had completed a photography course at the Burslem campus of Stoke-on-Trent…

Photography the Early Days (Mine that is)

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Last of the Summer Wine Trio

Posted by Bill Jeynes Following on from Paula’s excellent article, I am going back to my start at…

Why did I join the Club?

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Posted by Paula Hulme Not because I was particularly interested in photography, holiday snaps was all that I…

Animal and Reptile night

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Posted by Claire Wade On Thursday 17th April, along with her mum, Dawn and partner, Ian, Hayley brought…

The Committee’s Real Lives…..

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Posted by Glyn Wade After a recent article about the roles of the club committee it was suggested…

The Planning Committee

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Posted by Glyn Wade Previously I told you all about the club’s executive committee and now I will…

The Committee

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Posted by Glyn Wade Following a suggestion that the committee should introduce themselves at a recent meeting I…

Who We Are

October 18, 2013 Articles, Willfield Camera Club
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Posted by Glyn Wade As I was writing my catch-up email this morning I started relating what a…

Why Photography? – Glyn Wade

August 22, 2013 Articles, Why photography?
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Posted by Glyn Wade Now you have your own stories….and please feel free to submit them………but this… my…