Here’s the images entered for this week’s theme, projects for isolation. This time it’s ‘Reflections as chosen by Andy Nichols who won the last project.

Window on Caithness by Alan Rust
Sunlight Reflecting off a Shopping Trolley by Glyn Wade
Reflective Wine by Claudia Canta
Reflections in Time by Deb Sutton
Reflections in the Sun by Andy Nichols
Reflections in Ball 1 by Lisa Mayes
Reflections in Ball 2 by Lisa Mayes
Reflected Words by Louise Jeans
Guitar Reflections by Rob Hulme
Guitar Reflections 2 by Rob Hulme
Man Reflects by Claire Wade
Grey Reflects to Colour by Claire Wade
Glyn’s Glasses by Glyn Wade
Car Reflections by Dave Potts
Car Reflections 2 by Dave Potts
Canal Reflections by Glyn Wade
Baa Reflections by Helen Wilding

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