Ok, so that might be a slightly misleading title… it was more like half a day! To be honest, who would really want to read an article entitled sorting the cupboard and putting up the backdrops?

A set of lights

However, now it has been done, all those who helped can feel rather smug and accomplished. Plus, we now have an inventory which Nikki put together and has kindly offered to type up. We will also be laminating sheets with photos and lists of everything that is meant to be with each lighting kit.

Another set of lights

The biggest excitement was discovering that we actually have quite a few triggers and receivers for the lights. They have their own special box and woe betide anyone who puts a trigger away anywhere else!

Mike brought his ‘drilling machine’ which turned out to be a drill, and with a Phil in charge, the backdrops have been put up in the upstairs hall.

Backdrops mounted on the wall

Big thanks to all who came, we did have a laugh and enough hands to make light work (well a few lights need fixing and Chadders has been volunteered to take them to PJ Camera Repairs, unbeknown to him). So thanks to Phil, Mike, Big John and Little John, Nikki, Andy, Alan, Glyn and I was there too (Claire).

A Tidy Cupboard!