Potters Arf

Potters Arf

June 10th 2018 will long be remembered for two things. The first was that a big fiery ball appeared in the sky over Stoke-on-Trent; some of us remembered this as being something called ‘the sun’ but youngsters were running through the streets screaming. The other thing the day will be remembered for will be that it was the day that Willfield Camera Club began their annual charity fundraising event by walking or running the Potters Arf up and down the hills of Stoke-on-Trent.

With myself fracturing my toe and Claire, my Mum and Pauline telling me I musn’t take part the mantle fell to Mike Middleton to do the walking and Claire to do the running. Both were raising money for 73 in 73 and both were pioneers as lots more members will be doing the course next year…..

Claire and I went up into town early to see Mike off and we waited in the direction we thought the walkers would go to take pictures of him in action…..when they all promptly walked in the opposite direction….he was probably going too fast to capture him anyway… Claire set off in the correct direction later so I could practice my panning as she zoomed past.

Mike and Claire at the start

Not too long after I was near the finishing line when Mike appeared-he’d already finished and I hadn’t been expecting him for a while so well done Mike! Jason, Tracy and Harry arrived in time to see Claire race over the line in a fantastic time-well done Claire!

At the moment, including Gift Aid Mike and Claire have raised over £700 which is brilliant, especially in the unexpected heat. I know you will all be itching to take part next year so get in training…..and I’ll avoid walking into things….

You can still donate and read about the charity here.