With decorum….well we started with it anyway….

Following our very successful photo campaign to take pictures for the City of Sport project we were delighted to be invited to have afternoon tea with the Lord Mayor in his parlour. The Lord Mayor is currently Anthony Munday and we would like to thank him not only for inviting us but also for being such an interesting, informative and genial host. The food was great too!

I’d like to apologise for everyone else’s behaviour and hope that he will still consider inviting us back one day….

I think we were all a tad apprehensive beforehand that it would be very formal but when we were told we could take whatever photos we wanted Yun couldn’t wait to get her feet ON the table. We learnt some fascinating local history, saw some silverware worth millions of pounds and got to try on a hat that is over 150 years old. Oh and the Victoria sponge was possibly the best I’ve ever had and worth getting caught sneaking back for more….

Soon our images will adorn local leisure centres as well so this project has not only been fun (and hard work!) but very successful as well. Thank you to Andrew Heaward for working with me throughout the campaign and we look forward to seeing our pictures soon. Well done to everyone who took part-I hope you enjoyed your day out and I know you will enjoy seeing your pictures displayed.