And as December approached with icy tendrils reaching out and ensuring Claire was wrapped in 37 layers of thermals, the club ventured to the great outdoors. Tatenhill airfield was our destination and the club was out in brightly coloured force as we all wore hi-viz coats, jackets and, in some cases, underwear (or so the rumour is now).

JP had had the idea and he managed to pull it all together with various people who helped, guided, demonstrated and even flew club members. After introductions from the airfield’s photographers people were split into different groups and set off in various directions, including up.

The chance to fly is something I never turn down and the chance to take pictures from the air was an added bonus. And then we flew over Alton Towers which was a wonderful experience. Others got to fly over Dovedale and some even managed to fly over their houses and get aerial shots of their homes.

Some people chose to have a tour of the airfield while others were taken runway-side to be instructed in getting shots of planes taking off and landing. Some of us got a talk from a paramedic on the air ambulance and some got to go in the control tower as well.

When Willfield do things we don’t do them by halves and we are very grateful to everyone who helped make this such a splendid day. People gave their time and even their fuel to make sure we all had a great day so many thanks to everyone involved. I bet not many other camera clubs get flights thrown in with their memberships!

Also on the plus side our very generous members donated over £300 to the air ambulance service who do such a magnificent job. There is a DONATE NOW button on their web page below for anyone who wishes to help this worthy cause.

Oh and there is already talk of us having the chance to do it all again….in warmer climes maybe so only 12 layers of thermals for Claire then….