By Marg Farmer

When the Taylor Wessing Exhibition was first mentioned to members of the club I was apprehensive about submitting a photo to something so prestigious.  Portraits are my least favourite type of photography and I am not confident enough to approach people at random for street photography.  But I was willing to face up to the challenge.

The following day I went to Trentham Gardens with the intention of finding a suitable subject, but not feeling very hopeful or inspired.  On my way out I saw an interesting looking couple entering The Works Bookshop.  I hesitated, wondering if I could be brave enough to approach them.  I plucked up courage and followed them into the shop, asked very politely if I could take their photo, after putting their minds at rest that I wasn`t a stalker. I was asked for what reason, so explained about the exhibition and our club`s involvement.

They were very obliging and asked where would I like them to pose, so I suggested a bench outside the shop. We exited The Works, they sat on the bench and I took the photo. I just liked the way that he is looking at his wife. Truly happy couple and I really think it shows.

Apparently, they are both reindeer handlers, and are known as Santa Claus and Mary Claus! I emailed them last week to give them an update of the exhibition, and they wished myself and the club every success.  Lovely people.

So that is how I found my subjects.



10 by Marg Farmer

10 by Marg Farmer