By Paula Hulme

My entry into the Taylor Wessing exhibition was taken a couple of weeks prior to the decision to enter.

Rob and I were asked by my friend to take photos of her grandaughters on their first birthday, partaking in a “cake smash”.  Apparently, on a baby’s first birthday they are left with a cake and encouraged to smash it to pieces. Supposedly like a piñata, but chocolate. Having never done this before I went into panic mode 2 hours before. Would the lighting be ok in the room? What background would there be? It was in her dining room…..

Luckily Stephen (Davis) offered off camera flashes and advice on settings and off we went. His biggest advice was shoot in RAW!! Having never done this either I was petrified. I must be honest I chickened out slightly and opted forJpg/Raw, however I’m so glad I did it. With two of us taking photos the lighting/white balance was not always correct and I was able to make some slight alterations. Also my backdrop ie a bed sheet had odd creases and I was able to iron these out. I am very grateful for everyone’s help and advice at the club and shall never return to shooting in jpg. Raw is definitely the way forward. Just took me a long time to change

Although my photo was pre chocolate cake arriving I just loved her smile and blue eyes.



21 by Paula Hulme

21 by Paula Hulme