Posted by Glyn Wade

And so we went back to church.

Some people spent the whole night in the confessional, some people told jokes and some of us even took some photographs. I think I even took a couple myself.

The electricity meter was fed endless coinage-how much must it cost to keep it going through a Sunday service?? It was a good job we’d been before and knew there was a meter that needed feeding as we didn’t see Peter who opened up for us at all. I called him to tell him we were leaving but got no answer. We pulled the door to when we left but, if anything is missing…….it was Alan wot dun it.

I do have a giant gold eagle for sale though if anyone’s interested…..

St Giles was the patron saint of cripples, beggars and blacksmiths and the church was designed by Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin are your two facts for today which should help you in any pub quiz worth its salt. The church is known as Pugin’s gem and took five years to build. Their website seems to be down at the moment so here’s a link to a Cheadle website talking about it. St Giles.

And here are some pictures wot we took: