Posted by Glyn Wade

Yet another pleasant Summer’s evening and a trip to a pleasant lake where everything was very pleasant.

Okay that’s enough pleasantness for now. Or use of the word pleasant anyway. Let’s move onto convivial….

So….Rudyard Lake was our latest Thursday night trip out and it was quite busy as there were some rowing races going on but that didn’t deter the swallows that were nesting in the boathouse. They were behind grubby glass but had made their nests inside where we could get very close to them which was great.

Oh and Alan brought chocolates too, musn’t forget those! Mine kept getting stuck together meaning I had to have two at a time…..what a shame!

There were lots of boats around to shoot too and the usual happy sounds of Willfield members socialising whilst taking pictures. We really are a happy bunch! Here are some pictures from the night: