Posted by Glyn Wade

I blame Claire.

She did a talk on Steve Bloom and mentioned a challenge (usually to oneself) of going out and limiting yourself to only taking ten shots. I know people used to do it with a single roll of film but, with the advent of digital, that has pretty much gone out of the window.

But ten shots….

So I asked everyone on Thursday night at Knypersley Pool who was up for joining in the challenge. And got one brave soul to join in with me. Andy Pickford take a bow!

Now, how would you go about this? Would you scout out the area first? Would you just snap the first ten interesting things you saw? Would you snap away and then be left with missing out on things? I tried to space mine out but had just taken my last shot when two helicopters came over the top of the building I’d just taken a shot of. Typical! I didn’t cheat though and put my cameras away to avoid further temptation.

Am I happy with my results? Hell no, quite the opposite. They would have all ended up in the trash as anything other than snapshots. I have used Photoshop and Topaz to try and save them but haven’t cropped any. Still though, they are pretty rubbish. But, I said I would, and here they are, for all to see. Just waiting for Andy’s pics now….

Obviously I’m not pleased with my results but I may be talked into doing it again, you never know. Try it sometime and let me know how you get on. You may not be happy with the results but it may teach you something about being more selective, composing your shots better, choosing your subject better…etc….

Okay, so, the photos…..