Posted by Glyn Wade

All hail Hayley!

Yes, thanks to Hayley’s connections we had a fantastic club day out to Gentleshaw Wildlife Centre on Sunday. The day incorporated meeting some of the wonderful animals there and getting the opportunity to photograph them as well. The animals they have change as this is a rescue centre but, at the moment, the animals they have include raccoons, coati, tanuki, a wolf dog, bats, marmosets, a singing dog, savannah cats, European wildcats and kinkajous as well as a wide variety of birds of prey.

We had a number of flying displays throughout the day, the chance to shoot birds in natural-looking habitats and the privilege of going in and feeding the kinkajous. With a fantastic lunch, tea and coffee included it was an excellent day out and all superb value for money too.

Here are a selection of pictures from the day: