Posted by Glyn Wade

Years ago Beech Caves used to be taken over for raves which has resulted in them being covered inside with colourful graffitti and even more colourful language. The first part of last night’s trip was our attempt to recreate one of those raves.

Norma turned up with glowsticks, Phil turned up with some banging tunes and everyone scratched the letter E on a paracetomol and we were off!

Now only one bit of that is true and I’ll leave it up to you to guess which….

What actually happened is we took some pictures and tried to avoid the language that hopefully won’t accidentally turn up in the pictures below….many apologies if I do miss some. The person who had actually carved his signature into the rock and kept the same font throughout deserves acclaim and a job as it was pretty impressive (but very naughty of course).

Some youngsters turned up and asked if we were ghost hunting. If you like….

As the light went we all then walked the short distance to the motorway bridge, set up tripods and slowed the traffic down. Yes, the sight of Willfield Camera Club was better than safety cameras as were mistaken for a phalanx of speed guns. Once Richard started waving at them all though things got a bit more sociable and most of the replies from passing drivers were polite…..mostly….

All in all a great trip out especially as Yvonne brought me some Skittles. Here are some pictures from the night: