Posted by Glyn Wade

Thursday 15th January 2015, Willfield Camera Club. The idea of the night was to take photos and transform them into ones that look ‘old’ or, to be more specific, Victorian. Our prospective Victorian models were unable to make it so we tried some Vikings (well, they both begin with V…..) but they were off raping and pillaging somewhere (or working as they called it) so Stephen saved the day by inviting his sister and friend along. And what a find that was as we had two wonderful models with ancient prams and dolls. Lovely ladies too.

Various set ups were….err…..set up around the room with model vehicles, green screens and hessian amongst props and backdrops we used.

Claire ran through how to transform the photos into looking old for everyone and the evening was a lot of fun. Her article on how she did this is here.

I’m not sure the pictures below quite fit the original brief but they are pretty amazing.