Posted by Glyn Wade

October 5th 2014.

Willfield Camera Club invade Tutbury Castle.

Dave Hulme took the pivotal position and was the first to storm the ramparts. He was ably backed up by John Garrett and Andy Pickford although Andy’s weapon of choice was singled out for not being Nikon enough. A Can(n)on might actually have been useful in this case…..

The second wave (Claire, Darren and Kari and myself) stormed in from the field and immediately began networking with the characters…..well we have some nights coming up where we could use them!

John Seeney sneaked in around the back to bolster the ranks before the final salvo of Shawn, Ken, Alan and Chris suddenly appeared shooting anything and everything that moved….and a few things that didn’t. The Wades made it to the top of the hill where they took a German sniper point but were soon shot by some friendly fire from Alan at the bottom. The rest of the battalion then realised that no-one was shooting back and went for a cup of tea and a slice of cake instead.

At the sound of guns Willfield regrouped and ran to the battleground but, despite shooting at the gun holders, were only rewarded with some photographs of guns going off. Maybe it was time to face facts and actually admit that we weren’t at war with anyone but at a photography day….?

Nahhh,….so……..we invaded the castle by entering through the main entrance and climbing the stairs. We were unopposed as they obviously weren’t expecting that but were soon repelled by a barrier that blocked off the stairs to the upper castle…..can’t beat a No Entry sign.

Befuddled by their clever trickery we took some more shots and went home. We’ll probably try again in March despite being told there would be lots more people to shoot. Why not join us?

At the top of the hill there were rumours that Bill might turn up so they got themselves ready…..