Posted by Glyn Wade

Facebook eh. Some of the conversations that transpire on there should be catalogued amongst something in the Fortean Times but mostly they should be ignored due to their trite triviality. Even rarer are the times that something occurs that is interesting and provokes debate.

One of those times occurred last night so you should probably believe anyone that either saw a blue moon or are convinced they saw pigs careering across the skyline.

All round good guy Martin Kessel asked the question as to whether Stoke Camera Club was still going and a number of comments ensued. They are still going by the way and have just resumed after their Summer break. They meet at the community centre in Dresden Street, Hanley every Thursday night in case you’re interested. Their web site is Stoke Camera Club. They’re having some problems updating their site at the moment but I’m sure they’ll get things up to date soon. This week they have the excellent Martin Kessel who could make a talk about table tops interesting….but this week he’s covering astrophotography which he treated us to earlier this year.

Anyway, someone joined in this discussion about the different camera clubs in Stoke and put the following comment:

‘Stoke Camera (club) is very friendly, and Willfield is picture taking oriented.’

Now what would you take from that comment?? Are we not friendly? Is there something wrong with us taking pictures? By pictures does he mean we take snapshots and hence shouldn’t be classed as a serious photography club? Is he applauding us for actually taking pictures rather than sitting around talking about it? If Stoke is very friendly are we just a little bit friendly? Is he saying prospective members should avoid us because we have the audacity to take photographs?

Now I know Stoke Camera Club are friendly because I went there once but I like to think that we are too….it even says it on the front page of our website! I like to think that our wide range of activities (including, GULP, taking pictures) is interesting and appealing (our rising membership seems to back this up) and that we are not just snappers….which we aren’t as we have some amazing photographers including some professionals….so what should I make of this comment?

What would you make of this comment? I’m confused…..but I want to remain friendly….

I think I’ll post a link to this article on the original thread and see what happens…..I’ll get back to you….