Posted by Glyn Wade

Yes it’s nearly that time of the year again!

I know you’re all looking forward to the night of September 11th and not just because of the presentation debut from Dave Chadwick on his recent visit to Dubai. As if that wasn’t enough to tempt you we also have me asking you what you’d like to cover in our Winter programme….so get your thinking caps on and come along full of ideas!

Also, Sept 11th is the start of the new club year so you also get to pay your annual fees which we have left at a bargain £20. Anyone who hasn’t been for a while and wants to remain a member please let me know if you want to remain so as we do need your fees for the year in as soon as possible so you can keep your place.

PLUS on Sept 11th you also get to vote for all the committee places and you can volunteer to join the committee too. Listed below are the positions available and the current incumbents:

  • Chairperson: Claire Wade
  • Secretary: Glyn Wade
  • Treasurer: Paula Hulme
  • Membership Secretary: John Garrett

And their assistants in the same order:

  • Yvonne Brearley
  • Philip Critchlow
  • Richard Amor-Allan
  • Tony Finney

If you do fancy having a role on the committee and then there will be more than one person applying then a vote will take place on the night. In line with other voting systems in democracies the winner will be the one with the most votes. Clever eh!

During the meeting statements will be read out from the top four listed above and, with a bit of luck, it will all be over painlessly quickly!

We have had a fantastic year with the club growing all the time. Extra monies collected will now be invested back into the club by looking at getting better equipment, instructors as well as presenters and, well, anything else we can think of! First off we need a new cupboard for all our equipment, we will be having better coffee and maybe even some chocolate Hobnobs….you can’t argue with that!