Posted by Glyn Wade

Twas a warm Summer’s evening in Stafford as a band of Bentileers brandishing brands of boxlike devices met up to decipher cunningly constructed clues. A sussuration stirred the group into action as paper rustled and cryptic clues were frowned upon.

Small groups were formed as friends became enemies and battle plan plans were dispensed with as each group ventured out onto the battlefield. Armed with their camera weapon of choice the valiant renegades set off into hitherto unknown territory (Apart from certain individuals who shall rename nameless eh Darren and John!).

The gamemasters rolled around in their bath tub and the scene was set for an evening of frustration and scratching of heads. And lots of walking.

I thought we were doing alright but then we met everyone else….and they’d all finished! As they went to the pub we ventured off along a road we hadn’t yet discovered for our final answers. The road felt like it was about 20 miles long but on we soldiered and snapped the last few answers before making it back to the pub just as our gamesmasters were clambering back into their bathtub and heading back to the Yorkshire Dales.

It was a cracking night and great fun thanks to the sterling efforts of Bill, John and Dave so many thanks to them for a fantastic night’s entertainment. Now where will you be doing a quiz for us for next year….??