Posted by Glyn and Claire

It was a lovely Summer’s evening…..honestly! On a Thursday…..near Stoke!

AND we were scheduled to go out….so by golly we did! Quite a lot of us as well according to a passing motorist on the narrow country lane who said ‘it’s like Piccadilly Circus up there.’

Flip flopping at Deep Hayes

Flip flopping at Deep Hayes

I wish I’d thought to get a picture of one member who turned up in flip-flops despite being warned about mud, nettles and snakes but the occurrence is now etched in peoples’ memories….even if they weren’t there it’s been discussed so much! Thankfully he remained unmuddy, unstung and unbitten and even managed to take a picture or two. N.B. Richard did manage to get a picture of flip-flop guy so be careful when scrolling down below….

I managed to bring the wrong tripod attachment and brought the filter holders…..but not the filters so didn’t do well at all!

Deep Hayes has a number of water features so filters and tripods are pretty important but, hey, I had a good time anyway. I took part in an Abbey Road reconstruction, did a Madness pose and zoom bursted Mr Amor-Allan, so not a bad night! I saw Dave Chadwick pretending to be a bird stealing nuts, Richard pretending to be a member of Right Said Fred and even felt competent enough to help someone with aperture and shutter speed (first time for eveything!). I think they’ve given up photography now but I did try…..

Anyway, here are some pictures. Our next trip is to Rudyard Lake where there’s also a fun competition to reproduce an album cover of the member’s or members’ choosing.