Posted by Glyn Wade

So it’s time to get ready to go out on a shoot. I’m heading out to Park Hall Country Park where there are plenty of opportunities to shoot a wide variety of pictures from macro to landscapes. There’s water for some slow shutter speeds and people and animals bibbling about for some fast shutter speeds.

So let’s get the bag packed.

Let’s start with power. I have a battery in the camera and I put a spare into the bag just in case. Alongside it I pack a spare memory card, no better make that two…..again just in case. I wonder if there’s anything else where you have so many ‘just in cases’? Maybe being an astronaut I suppose where forgetting the spare key that unlocks the loo hatch might result in some unpleasantness….? Or an exponent of parkour who forgets to make a note of the nearest hospital ‘just in case’?

Anyway, I already know what I may have chance to shoot so let’s get the proper lenses in the bag. Let’s start with my kit lens, my zoomer boomer and my macro. And, as they are all the lenses I have, that pretty much covers that. Well apart from cleaning cloths for them, which go into the bag next. In case you’re wondering, all the lens caps are on, as well as the screw on cover thingymabobs that go on the other end (they probably have a proper name but I prefer screw on cover thingymabobs.

Slow shutter speeds…’s a nice day so a big pile of filters, including graduating filters, are put in the bag too. My gorilla pod goes in as well and my tripod is attached to the side. The bag is looking full now but there’s a space that needs filling so I chuck in* (*damned carefully of course!) my flash gun ‘just in case’ I need it; maybe for macro, maybe for fill in flash, maybe in case I’m still there in the dark or maybe for a reason I can’t think of at the moment. But it’s in there ‘just in case.’

I check the batteries for the flash gun and they look fine but, guess what, I take some brand new spares…I think you know the next bit by now….

Tripod attachment plate! In it goes….phew, I’ve forgotten that before now.

Is that everything?

The bag is certainly heavy enough. I know we all have different things in our camera bags (Phil has pixies for instance) but I’m just covering the basics here. You may have rain covers, a torch, a light meter, film (if you’re Shane), a pair of scissors for trimming plants in macro shots….I dunno, you never know! There are all manner of things you may add to your bag, your camera instructions for example which I know some people at the club do carry. Here I am trying to think of the basics to pack and I’m waffling so much I’m thinking I need a bigger bag to get everything in I’ve just mentioned. Except the film. And the pixies.

Should I pack a spare camera strap in case the one on the camera breaks? Nahh, let’s rebel and throw caution to the wind!

Let’s zip up and get off. I’m sure there’s something I’ve forgotten though… there?