Posted by The Wades

Our recent (and latest) macro night was introduced (again) by Claire and her always trying husband (that would be me). They (we) attempted to put their recent qualification in teaching to good use despite the fact that they didn’t know they had passed then. If only Glyn had learnt not to attempt to write in  the third person as well this opening paragraph may have made a lot more sense too.

Anyway, the opening presentation had been updated and now included a video and some exercises to get people in the macro mode. The video, which lasted about two minutes, required about ten minutes of speaker wire untangling….and then I hadn’t plugged the speakers into the laptop….oh the joys of technology! Then the Powerpoint presentation froze but luckily it was break time at this point so I think I managed to get out of it…..

After drinks and biscuits the presentation was wrapped up and then everyone was let loose to take their own macro pictures with items that members had brought with them. There were flowers (and water spray for them), Scalextric cars, shiny balls, fishing flies and a peacock feather amongst other things. Some of the pictures from the night can be seen below.

Hover over the pictures to see who took what.