Posted by Glyn Wade

Willfield is one of a small number of camera/photography clubs that stays open during the Summer. This means that we can utilise our Thursday night sessions to get out and about and take some pictures at interesting places while getting to know each other on a sociable outing.

It was through nights out that I first started mixing a bit more with other members and, for shyer people in particular, it is an ideal way to get to know people better. The community spirit of our club is particularly prevalent as more experienced photographers will always help, guide and assist anyone who needs any help.

Some nights out can be simply giving members a destination to meet up such as Deep Hayes Country Park, Tittesworth Reservoir  or Aston Marina. On these nights we normally start arriving at about 18:45 and people tend to wander off in groups and point others in the right direction.

Other nights can be more formal such as visits to bird sanctuaries like our forthcoming one to Gauntlet. We have recently had fantastic trips to a member’s farm and another member’s reptile shop so the variety is certainly there too!

Unlike our nights at the club members do not pay their fees on the night (they pay the week after as we still have to pay for the room hire) so we do not have a record of who is there. Hence members are asked to stick with others and keep an eye on other members too of course. We haven’t lost anyone yet so don’t let’s start now!

We thought we’d lost Stephen last night but the celebrations were cut short when he reappeared from a distant pond. (note for anyone who doesn’t attend the club-this is only a joke!)

Whatever we do, it’s great to get out and about and spend Summer evenings taking pictures and with people we want to spend time with.