Posted by Glyn Wade
It seemed to all happen incredibly quickly.

The previous incumbent in the role of Secretary said he was retiring from his position and the next minute he was placing a blue folder in front of me as I’d been ‘voted’ in.

In reality I think it took a week and there was a bit more to it than that but, from the time I joined the club, I suspect that most of the then committee had their beady eyes on the ‘young blood’ taking their roles. I’m not sure I quite warrant the ‘young blood’ moniker but hey.

So one week Bill retires as Secretary and my dear wife suggests that I take the position. I am honestly aghast…me? Who would want me….and WHY? You may suspect this as false modesty but I can assure you it’s not and Claire will back me up on this. I was terrified of taking the role of speaking at the start of meetings for a start….something I thought was pretty obvious when I did start doing it! I spent a week considering whether I should put myself forward whilst also taking into account how I would feel if I went for the role and then someone else got more votes than me.

It came to the night and I was still unsure….and then it became even more apparent that I didn’t really have a choice….

Someone asked Bill what happens when we come to vote. He said something along the lines of ‘someone nominates Glyn, we all vote for him, that’s it.’ I suppose as a vote of confidence, considering the room was full, I am very grateful but, on the night, my nerves were shot to ribbons!

His assertion of what would happen did happen….and yes it was my dear wife who nominated me, quickly followed up by everyone in the room. If anyone else had wanted the role I do apologise that you didn’t really get a chance. However I suspect everyone was just glad that they weren’t being ‘volunteered’ for the role!

Thankfully Pam did restore some order by asking if I would be willing to take the role….so I had a chance…..but still said yes….I worry about myself sometimes…..