Posted by Glyn Wade

You can also take out ones with a tenuous link where maybe they just mention a picture that’s not necessarily a photograph. And then there are ones which may actually be about video….so let’s get rid of those too.

Do you have any left?

What if you Google it?

Do you have a few more now? Are there a few you haven’t heard of and think they sound interesting? Or can you only find Photographic by the aformentioned soft rock buffoons (finally I get to use that word in an article!).

So what did I have left after that little search? Well probably not anything from my favourite bands but some that are socially acceptable anyway. You can’t argue with Wishing (If I had a Photograph of You) by A Flock of Seagulls now can you? Even if it’s to start a conversation about THAT haircut or to talk about their better single I Ran.

Then there’s Photographic by Depeche Mode.

Staying within the synth pop genre we move onto Gentlemen Take Polaroids by Japan.

Changing musical style slightly we move onto Freeze Frame by the J Geils Band from the album of the same name. This album spawned the massive hit Centrefold which you will probably remember.

Actually, one of my favourite bands have released a photography related song; from the album The Back Room Editors produced this track Camera.

Oh hang on, there’s another, although it is about a a photographer but it does include the lyrics Click Click Click Click Click so you can’t go go wrong with the Manic Street Preachers’ song Kevin Carter.

Siouxsie and The Banshees produced Red Light.

And don’t think I’m going to let this article finish without mentioning the Bucks Fizz ‘classic’ My Camera Never Lies…..better than anything by Def Leppard by a country mile!

Other efforts come from The Stereophonics, someone you may have heard of called Robbie Williams, Johnny Cash and The Cure. I know there are lots more and if you want to write an article on your favourites please feel free to do so!

But finally, Claire has insisted I include her favourite song of all time so, without further ado, here is Tommy Steel with Flash, Bang, Wallop, What a Picture!