Posted by Glyn and Claire

Twas a Thursday night in May and all manner of bizarre contraptions were being constructed in our second room. Gaffer tape was everywhere, there were strange tap-like devices and something that apparently cost £179 (if my memory serves me right!) and somewhere….somewhere…..there was a Muller corner yoghurt pot….

Yes, it was water droplets night at Willfield Camera Club and, apart from all the hardware, there was obviously a bit (okay a lot) of liquid flying around the place (not really Mr Appleyard!). And, after all that, we were told we needed patience….patience!?!?

The night was introduced by true volunteers….Clare had volunteered Duncan to present her Powerpoint presentation…..but luckily she was on hand to put him straight on things though! Sterling work from both of them! To see Clare’s article on how she originally learnt about Water Droplet Photography, please click here.

And then it was time for some of this patience….and trying to take the picture just at the correct time. As you can imagine, this isn’t easy but there was some success as you will see below. There were thousands of pictures taken and thousands of pictures of nothing, complete blurs, but mostly of before or after the droplets hit the water….

I don’t know about everyone else but it did give me the impetus to want to try it all again….and try out this ‘patience’ thing again…..whatever that is….ggggrrrrr!!!!