Posted by Bill Jeynes

Following on from Paula’s excellent article, I am going back to my start at the club even before the formation of ‘The last of the summer wine trio’ tales from that period later.

Bill Jeynes

Bill Jeynes

I also joined at Willfield where Paula was already a stalwart with Pam, Tom, Marge and a few others. Paula omitted to mention the period when we were taken over by a new member who was to become, Chairman, secretary and Hitler’s Apprentice.

Even me, a quiet, shy person clashed with him. I won’t go into detail as he left to go into concentration camp training.

Like Paula I learned from members, but in the days before the trio I went out on my own; the following is one such day that even the trio know nothing about.

This was a place near Great Wyrley called the marshes; the name should have given me a clue. I got to a spot with a good view only to realise why it was called the marshes; it was over my boots, but I was determined to get a shot; I took off my 18-55 lens to put on my 70- 200. That was when I dropped the lens; it sank very quickly.

I stuck my hand in the mud to retrieve it; at this point my open bag swung round to the front and dropped several items. I retrieved the now mud encrusted lens, but lost a couple of filters.

I had now had enough and turned to make my way back; this is when my boot came off. I held hold of it and pulled only to land on my backside.

I walked to the car carrying my mud filled boot, mud caked trousers and camera gear. I drove home sitting on a bin bag and stocking feet.

I love my photography, but if I hear the word marsh; count me out!