Posted by Glyn and Claire Wade

A couple of weeks ago, we held a night of balloon popping, bubble bursting and general mayhem resulting in the biggest mess Willfield Camera Club have ever made!

The night was introduced by our own David Bayliss who gave an excellent presentation on high speed photography to help us out once the carnage began. Dave’s trio of daughters came along and were absolutely fantastic helpers for the evening. They blew up balloons, filled them with glitter, talc etc and didn’t stop all night. Thanks girls.

We set up in the other room as this has a hardwood floor as opposed to the carpet in our normal meeting room. Even then we needed to have huge cloths and coverings on the floor as the balloons we were popping were, as I said, loaded with things that would cover whoever got to pop them. Another group were making huge bubbles and then attempting to photograph them at the point of popping.

The lights were going on and off, things were flying everywhere, there were loud bangs and there was one hell of a mess….another normal night at Willfield!

Below is the video that Dave shared with us and then some of the photos we took.