Posted by Glyn Wade

So you’ve got that box of old photographs out that has been hidden away for years, you’ve dusted the box they came in and you’re sat opening said box. You remember that you meant to put the photographs into albums but never quite got round to it so you’re left with a box full of loose random photos.

How do you feel? Apprehensive? Excited? Scared stiff?

All valid feelings depending on what you are expecting (or dreading) to rediscover in that there box of yours. Will there be the baby photos that your Mum used to show to any new love in your life? Will there be pictures of those past loves? Will there be a picture of you wearing leg warmers and a Rick Astley T-shirt? Oops!

Will there be a picture of your Nana who used to give you chocolate éclairs when your Mum wasn’t looking? Will there maybe be a picture of Mister Snuggles the cat who your Dad will always regret allowing you to name? Maybe there’ll be a shot of you and your best mate at school, maybe when you were both on stage together getting your awards?

There might be a snapshot of your favourite Aunt who you nursed through her last months until her fragile, cancer-riddled body could take no more. Or a haunting image of your first house before the fire ravaged it and destroyed all your toys. What about a shot of you and your Dad just before he left to go to war in the Falklands and never came back?

No matter what you may find, those memories are there to be had and even if they are of said aunt, house or Dad well at least you get to see them and remember the happy times. And the happy photographs you can smile at, the embarrassing ones you can laugh at (with a cringe too of course!).

Do you still want to flick through the box? Of course you do. Do you want to scan them and upload them so they’re backed up and you can share them with other people around the world?