Posted by Glyn Wade

When we go out now the first thing we do is hang a camera round our necks and strap a camera bag to our backs (not one quite as big as Phil’s pixie-carrier of course!). Spare lenses are put into any available pockets and SHAZAM I become self-conscious.

Now this may be just me but I feel I stand out once I assume the role of more than just a tourist snapper which even my modest equipment elevates me above. Not that I’m a photographer of course (see previous article!), I just feel I stand out more.

Do I? Well any more so than with my height, hair and blaring T-shirts? I feel I do and I was wondering if you do too? If you do how much does it bother you?

If none of you do get bothered then can someone recommend a good psychiatrist?

I think I’m getting more use to it now but squeezing my camera backpack up the narrow spiral staircase of York Minster recently was a pain, especially when the straps kept getting caught on the rail. Embarrassing! Having a strange camera shaped lump under my coat when it rains makes me feel conspicuous and I feel more nervous about taking some pictures, for instance of people, than if I just had a small instant camera.

I mean it’s not like I have a monster lens (see other recent article)…….which are ideal for avian photography and don’t worry about what people think…..that better Rob Hartley ?

And now I’m thinking it might just be me. I know Claire will tell me I shouldn’t worry what others think and I tell people the same thing often enough! It’s not so easy to instil it in oneself though. Or is it?

You tell me!

Postscript from My Hartley, thanks for this Rob!:

‘Well you did ask! I spent 3 hours trying to get a shot of a swallow taking a midge from the surface of a lake on Saturday. This is with my 500 mm and 2 x TC. It has a neoprene camo cover to do three things, protect the lens from scratches, minimise disturbance of birds when I am working from a hide and , most importantly, make me look a complete and utter wassock . It is very good for all three.

So there I am , focussing on a patch of water with precisely nothing on it, hunched behind my tripod. Ask yourself how many passers by commented on ” ooh, that’s a big one ” , “what is he looking at?” I got Self conscious, you are only playing at it!’