Posted by Glyn Wade

On Sunday 2nd February one of our resident experts kindly gave up his own time to give some photography instruction to members who are not quite so learned. Being one of those I went along to Milldale on a surprisingly sunny Winter Sunday for some help with shooting landscapes, water and using the settings and buttons on my camera that, ahem, usually don’t get utiliised…or I don’t know how to use them properly…. Phil is also prepared to answer any questions you may have no matter how simple or trivial you may think it is!

Anyway, we had a pleasant walk along the riverside (although some of the puddles could have been reclassified as lakes!) with our tutor for the day and I for one felt like I learnt something along the way so many thanks to Phil for that. There will be more trips like this in the future so I suggest you go along (numbers are kept low each time) or I’ll be having your place!

Anyway, here are some pictures from our day out.