Posted by Claire Wade

The photo manipulation exercise was suggested by Phil Critchlow to see how various members of the club would photo edit the same images. Club members were invited to submit their photos and 15 images were given to volunteers to manipulate in whatever photo software they have.

The volunteers had three months to complete the exercise, although some left it until the last minute! The results vary quite a lot, some enhancing the photos , some…. well….. I had a laugh doing mine!!

The people who partook in the exercise were Tom Barlow, Claire Wade, Richard Amor Allan, Stephen Davis, John Garrett,¬†Glyn Wade, Yolanda Amor Allan, Paula Hulme, Phil Critchlow. I think that’s the correct order! To see the images, check out the video below, the first image of each sequence is the original.

A big thanks to Phil who put in a lot of time organising this and giving us a slideshow tonight.

And here’s one from last year:

Willfield Camera Club Photo Manipulations June 2013 from Claire Wade on Vimeo.