Posted by Glyn Wade

As I was writing my catch-up email this morning I started relating what a great bunch of members we have and why I was glad I joined Willfield Camera Club. And now I’m going to put it out there on the interweb for others to see so brace yourselves, pat yourselves on the back and join me in celebrating the goodness within.

Four things in the last fortnight made be proud to be a member of our little camera club. Two weeks ago some friends of ours got married and, knowing that the couple could not afford an official photographer due to her being unable to work due to cancer, Claire asked a couple of members if they would mind helping out which of course they did and wouldn’t even partake of the buffet never mind anything else. Now I’m not suggesting this be a regular thing-let’s be fair to people who struggle to make a living as wedding photographers-but on this occasion it was fantastic and very much appreciated.

The second thing was Phil and Richard offering to take members out at a weekend to take pictures and help them out with any problems they’re having. Basically giving up their time to assist people ‘in the field’ as it were. Wonderful.

Stoke Minster asked for help photographing special events at the venue and two members offered to help. Of course they did.

Then yesterday Claire sent out an email asking for some help. Within a couple of hours she had a number of offers of assistance which exacerbated once we got to the club last night. Perfect.

So that’s just in the last two weeks! Over the last year we’ve had Stephen doing a charity bike ride for which a huge pile of cash ended up on the table. There was Bill asking for tripods for a group of elderly photographers and being met with a pile of donated ones at our next club night. There was the help given to Jenna for her project Project Stoke. A member who is a professional photographer has taken members with him to give them experience. The list goes on.

On top of all this there are the lttle things that matter so much. It’s members talking to each other and helping people out, explaining things, lending them things, donating magazines, volunteering to get up and fill club nights. And it’s spending time sharing knowledge so no-one is ever made to feel like a beginner because someone will always give you advice and help with anything you’re struggling with or want to learn.

I don’t need to summarize because that my friends, in a nutshell, is Willfield Camera Club.