Posted by Louise Lewis

I have always enjoyed taking photos and for many years have had a camera of some sort.  When I think about my first camera, ‘Truprint’ springs to mind and the excitement of waiting for holiday snaps to be returned in the post – only to be disappointed because most of them were usually rubbish! It’s funny how the film and development used to be the expensive part of photography for someone like me, where now with the age of digital it’s completely the opposite and it’s the camera and accessories which are the main cost.  Having recently invested in a ‘grown up’ camera I have quickly realised it can be an expensive and very addictive hobby!

I take my camera everywhere much to the annoyance of my family as it means lots of stops wherever we are!  Dog walks have become particularly painful for everyone else whilst I am snapping away.

My second passion is the coast and I hope one day to be able to live by the sea.  On the 1st January 2013 whilst stood in the afternoon in the sun on the beach at Hastings I made a promise to myself that I would get to a beach at least once a month.  I had already been to Camber Sands that morning so was well on the way for the month of January.

Well here we are at the end of October and I am pleased to say I have so far achieved this.  There have been a few repeat visits to various places purely because of distance, but there has been at least one visit a month so far.  Places we have been to include Dungeness, Deal, Ramsgate, Margate, Whitstable, Broadstairs, West Kirby, Anglesey and various other places in Wales and my most favourite place Woolacombe in Devon twice.

I hesitate before I share with you Barricane Beach which is just to the right of the main beach in Woolacombe as I would selfishly love no one else to know about it and when I visit it just be me there but since we are friends I will!

It’s a beautiful beach tucked in between rocks and it’s famous for its cowries and other exotic seashells.  I have spent hours over the years with the kids collecting small beautiful shells to take home.  The shells have all travelled off the shore of a Caribbean Island and for the most manage to stay intact during their long journey.

Situated at the top of the beach is the Barricane Beach Café.  Not just because of the setting is this the best café I have ever had food from and would recommend to anyone.  There are a couple of tables to eat your ordered food but most folk choose to eat their meal of choice on their picnic blanket sitting on the beach.  During the day they prepare the most beautiful salads, Devonshire teas, baguettes and sandwiches all homemade including the bread and huge hot chocolates for the colder days with lashings of cream. At night they do the most delicious Sri Lankan curries, meat or veggie, and a devilled chicken (again there is a veggie version) dish that makes my mouth water now just thinking about it.  You just can’t beat sitting on the beach eating your gorgeous meal listening to the sea and watching the sunset.  Snapping away at the same time of course!

If you are ever in North Devon you should take a peep and judge for yourself but I know I can’t wait until next year to go again!