Posted by Glyn Wade

So which is best? A difficult task to try and discuss particularly as they’re not the only brands-they’re just the main players at our club. Anyway, I’ve had a go, included other brands……and this is what I came up with:

Nikon was all singing and all dancing but Canon said he should get a proper job so he ran away and joined the circus. Canon laughed, jumped over the moon and ran away with the spoon.

Now, the spoon wasn’t an ordinary spoon who just liked to stir things up, oh no he liked to write books on poetry too. In his most famous poem ‘cookie doh!’ he describes how Olympus used to get carried away with her own self importance and brought shame on herself by telling terrible jokes of such corniness that she was banned from ever speaking again.

In her silence she found sanctity building frames for people to flash in, including herself. As she did this in the privacy of her own spaceship she never got to join the quidditch team that Sony was starting up.

Sony was a braggard and shouted loudly ‘I will field a team of snappers that will thrash you.’ Not the most catchy of chants but it had the opposition on their toes even though they didn’t have any.

On one particular Thor’s day Panasonic was on the opposing team wearing three llamas and a caterpillar. Somewhat cumbersome to say the least it inhibited Panasonic’s style of play and his team lost…..the ball. Some say that a narwhal gobbled it up as she had been heard to say ‘yep it was me, it’s a fair cop.’

But the cop wasn’t fair and cheated on his exams while arresting anyone who had the audacity to take a Polaroid. Technically kidnapping I suppose but anyone mad enough to attempt to abduct the ferocious Polaroid deserved all they got.

Samsung but not for long as she had a voice like nails being scratched down a blackboard. Praktika started complaining but didn’t finish his sentence.

Something about vowels at the end of words was troubling him so he gave up.

I Leica do the tango said Kodak but then he went off, shaved his head, bought a lollipop and became a detective. But only on the telly.

Pentax was introduced so everyone bought pencils instead.

So that’s pretty conclusive then and I hope it’s helped you to make an informed decision.