Posted by Paula Hulme

Once, possibly twice a year, although some people would say more than that, we visit the beautiful, tranquil, un-spoilt village of Torrox Pueblo.  Situated in southern Spain this small, relatively unknown village has what the spanish love to tell you is the most temperate climate in the world.  With not too many Brits there the villagers live this peaceful laidback,  “Hasta Manana” lifestyle.

Until…………the Feria arrives on the first weekend in October!

The whole village erupts into fiesta time.  Each restaurant/bar forgets food, with the exception of tapas, entertainment becomes very loud and parties continue all day and night for the four days.  The five bars, all next door to one another, playing totally different kinds of very loud music at the same time until early hours of every morning.

Children are led through the street by entertainers on stilts in only what can be described as a scene from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang with the childcatcher!  But they love every minute of it, culminating with a very entertaining stage show in the Plaza with adults and children alike joining in the festivities.  Illuminations align each street, streamers adorn every doorway.  A Fairground at the top of the village offers great entertainment for the young at heart, or brave, when taking into consideration that most of their attractions balance precariously on oil drums and pieces of wood, although no-one seems to care…

Each evening the villagers dress in their best regalia, Senoritas in their beautiful flamenco dresses, and Caballeros their best attire on their superbly groomed stallions, strutting their stuff through the village.  Performing a type of jousting competition, whereby a wire rope is erected across a sandy pitch from one poor precarious tree to a fence post, threatening to decapitate several spectators every few minutes.  Each rider, once they have strutted around for the crowd, charges with their small pencil like stick aiming for a small hooped ribbon on the wire. ready to tear the ribbon from the hoop, much to the delight of the spectators.

After several hours of performing to the crowds the winners are then announced and prizes are given. The whole evening is done with a complete statement that says “take my photo!!”.  They love the fact that they have dressed and performed for the crowd, and no matter what age, young or old,  they all love to have their photos taken.; something that , unfortunately, would be frowned upon in England, where taking photos of children is now a taboo subject.

After four days of partying, order is restored……………………..and the village sleeps once again………………extremely hungover I think and totally exhausted!