Posted by Glyn Wade

A thought struck me recently while surrounded by a plethora of tourists at the Acropolis in Athens who were snapping away with everything from phones and ipads to full frame DSLR cameras.

I wondered why these people were taking all these photos and what the hell they were going to do with them after!

Surely no-one can do anything in a picture with such a famous monument that is any way original? I’m sure there are monochrome versions out there, versions using Photomatix and every possible filter on Photoshop, realms on Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr and the like so why were so many people taking pictures?

I know that some people just like to record where they’ve been and prove it by gurning in front of the places/things they’ve visited (including us of course!) and that’s fair enough. I’m sure there are some who like to look back at their pictures to bring back happy memories…or to remember where they’ve been which is more relevant to me. I’m certain there are people who are struck with awe at such sights and can’t help but take a picture as they would if they saw a Smurf riding a pixie in Hanley (tip-Saturday nights are most likely for this). There are many who want to share their pictures with those back home to provoke jealousy….and eventually boredom (only joking anyone who wants to share their holiday photographs with me-they’re awesome honest!).

But what of the photographers per se? Are they there to take pictures to do a showcase back at their various camera clubs (ahem…see my last point in the last paragraph-14th November will be really interesting I promise!)? Are they thinking they can do something brand new with a picture of, in this case, the Acropolis? Or are they, like me, wanting to take a shot that they will be proud of…and…ahem…looking forward to sharing ….and struck with awe….and to remember where I’ve been (particularly when I’m sat in a nursing home one day)….and because I like to record where I’ve been…oh….

Hardly conclusive as I expected and somehow I think I’ve just classed myself as a photographer which will confuse the hell out of anyone who’s seen my pictures! This was more to provoke thought than resolve anything….so what do you think…..?