by Gerald Bates

Being a member of Willfield Camera Club means that we can be involved in different projects to photograph.  Various photographic quizzes that we come up with are an example of this. One quiz we did recently was a song photography quiz. Two of us set up a number of songs to shoot, with the aim of showing these and asking the other members to guess the song from the photograph.

When we started this we chose the song and then tried to figure out how on earth it could be set up. One of the songs we did was “As Time Goes By”. This was solved over three photographs. The first one showed a clock on the left-hand side of a shelf. The second shot was to show it in the middle of the shelf and finally on the right-hand side of the shelf.

For other songs it provides different challenges in how to set them up to be photographed. It also means that your mind gets to be more creative. An example here is, (I have not tried this one yet) “Moonlight and Roses”. How would you approach this one? Do you set your camera with a telephoto lens on a tripod outside when there is a full moon? Get someone to hold a bunch of roses up against the moon and then use a burst of flash at end of the shot to highlight the roses? What settings would you need to use on your camera to attain this?

At the moment I am in the process of choosing approximately 30 songs to photograph for the next quiz. During the quiz I may talk about one or two of the songs as a point of interest.

Below are six songs from the last quiz with the answers printed at the bottom. See if you can guess them before looking at the answers.



1. Rock Around The Clock

2. Umbrella

3. Tea For Two

4. From A Jack to a King

5. Heart of Stone

6. Rags to Riches