by Glyn Wade

I think the most amazing thing about Sunday’s trip was that we actually got to go in the first place!

The torrential rain on Saturday night was terribly ominous and made the glimpse of sunshine through the curtains on Sunday morning even more welcome. Just a typical Staffordshire summer though I guess!

So at 11am a number of hardy souls were somewhere in Derbyshire that was somewhat windy but thankfully dry for most of our visit. Our welcome to Freshfields donkey village was not what we’d been expecting though when we were warned of the possibility of committing treason while we were there! Thinking about it I’d probably better not go into why….but I assure you the threat was serious.

We were directed to a field where a number of donkeys walked straight towards us….and then kept on going…right past us and out of the field…. The next group over the brow of the hill were more friendly and John somehow ended up underneath one….apparently it hasn’t called him since though….

There was more lying down whilst avoiding the damp patches, friends were made….and then that group were off too. Not to be deterred we gave chase, sorry, followed, to a field where both groups were now congregated and there followed more lying down, lots of photographs and even some attempts to make baby donkeys (not by us I hasten to add…).  Claire was trapped for a while by her new best mate, Acorn and Terry did his usual grand job of carrying Yvonnne’s equipment.

All in all a very enjoyable visit which produced some excellent pictures from those I have seen so far…even Paula can take photographs apparently! I will add some pictures soon.

Our next stop was at Eyam where we learnt some history, went to church, saw the plague cottages and managed to get John, Claire and Shaun in the stocks. We got Claire and Shaun out again but as for John…well, hopefully he will make it out before he takes over the Membership secretary role…

After deciding not to have lunch at the pub due to a rude landlord (no-one speaks to US like that!) we ate at a little cafe where the food was good but the service was on the slow side.

And then there were four…so we headed off to Monsal Head for a couple of pictures and ended up at Magpie Mine. I found the latter particularly photogenic particularly with the striking skies we had at the time. I’m not sure why they mined magpies but I guess that’s their business.

And then it was time to wend our weary ways homewards after an interesting and enjoyable day out. You never know I may even have taken one or two acceptable photos to show too. Maybe.

Roll on the next trip!

Freshfields Donkey Village

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