As Staffordshire’s jewel in the crown ( he says starting a debate no doubt!) Alton Towers is also somewhat expensive but what amazing photo opportunities are on offer! But is it worth the entrance fee if you just want to take pictures?

Obviously there are amazing action photos to be had as rides zoom, whizz and spin up, down and around as you try out differnet shutter speeds, try out panning etc etc etc but that is far from all.

The gardens are pristine and constantly maintained to an exceptional standard. Without the distant screams you could almost forget you were in one of the world’s top theme parks at all.

The castle is a great place to wander around and maybe get up high to take some landscape shots and possibly even try out some panoramas.

And as for people watching/observational photos…most of human life is here so why not sit your self down and snap away surreptitiously? The pale face of the scared rider, the arguing couple who can’t agree on which row to sit, the baby whose face is covered in ice cream…..and so on….all interesting shots and maybe even a future Photo of the Month winner?

So, some amazing opportunities….but is it worth it? Well I guess that’s up to you, your financial situation and whether you can find a BOGOF ticket…..there are lots out there on cereal packets, ebay etc. There are also season tickets, ways to buy with Tesco Clubcard points and Sainsbury’s  Nectar Points. The Sentinel often has people selling tickets too.

And I suppose whether it’s worth it or not depends on the results at the end of the day…..and how many coasters you go on while you’re there!

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