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Donkeys and History

July 31, 2013 Articles, Trips
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Donkey Village

by Glyn Wade I think the most amazing thing about Sunday’s trip was that we actually got to…

High-Speed Photography

July 27, 2013 Articles, Tutorials
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by David Bayliss An article from a Willfield Camera Club member on a high-speed photography shoot he undertook…

Photography Quizzes

July 24, 2013 Articles
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by Gerald Bates Being a member of Willfield Camera Club means that we can be involved in different…

Alton Towers

July 22, 2013 Articles
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Alton Towers

As Staffordshire’s jewel in the crown ( he says starting a debate no doubt!) Alton Towers is also…

Macro Photography

July 21, 2013 Articles, Macro, Tutorials
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A while ago, Glyn passed out a questionnaire to club members to find out, amongst other things, what…

Weekend visit to Freshfields Donkey Village and Eyam, Derbyshire

July 19, 2013 Articles, Trips
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As many of you are aware, we are planning a Sunday trip to Freshfields Donkey village and Eyam…

Gorilla and Big Cat Photography

July 12, 2013 Articles, Tutition
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This article is based on the notes that I wrote for the talk that Glyn and I gave…