Posted by Glyn Wade

Stoke-on-Trent is full of wonder.


Using photographs if applicable.

As you traipse into the collection of abject charity shops that five of our towns have a plethora of you might have some trouble agreeing with this statement. As you queue to get onto ‘the car park you can’t get out of’ on festival Park you might think I’m nuts. As you sit pondering the ineloquent maze of indolent roundabouts at the top of Smallthorne Bank you could be forgiven for thinking that the only wondering that goes on around here is WHY???

But you as well as I know that there is plenty of wonder of a more positive nature in our fair city across all six towns and you really don’t have to look that hard to find it. Honest! Let’s look at some of the obvious ones-Mow Cop Castle, the Trentham Monkey forest, Trentham Gardens themselves of course, Longton Park with its affable squirrel population, Bethesda Chapel, the Burslem Angel…. you see, there are quite a few! And they just rolled out as I typed.

But then there are other oft missed points of beauty and interest. If you go to Hanley, look up, look above the shops and see the historic buildings that sit almost forgotten above them. Turn away from the Potteries Shopping Centre and revel in the uniqueness of the Blue Clock before stepping over to the statue of Sir Stanley Matthews followed by a saunter down to the spikey man aside the old Lewis’s store.

Then go to Stoke and see the wonderful Stoke Minster, in Burslem the library is housed in an exquisite building that deserves more attention, Fenton has its Town Hall, Tunstall has its wonderful old market hall, Longton has the Gladstone Pottery Museum….there are wonders everywhere!

And there are many more of course, so let’s prove it. Let’s show people what a wonderful city we live in by creating a catalogue of online photographs taken by you, our members. Send me your pictures taken in and of Stoke-on-Trent (i.e. not what you had for dinner on Tuesday or your dog having a bath!) for uploading (please resize them as shown here for Elements or here for Photoshop if you can to a maximum of 600 pixels on the longest side or I can do it if you’re struggling) and we’ll start an archive. Please put a note of where they are taken so I can put a note under each one. I’ll start off with some of my own, the rest are up to you…..